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Tea Experience Packages

Pre-made products or DIY packages that include tea/tisane options to enjoy together. Products will rotate often or current packages will have additional choices added.

Email for larger sizes than shown.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in sourcing our ingredients from organic USDA vendors (currently Starwest Botanicals, Arbor Teas, and Mountain Rose Herbals are our main suppliers) and we try to make as much of our packaging reusable or home/industrial compostable.

About Us



At Mankai, we believe that drinking tea/tisane is about the ritual and connection. Drinking tea can be a singular mediative practice, a small social get-together or a larger community event. We've created packages and handcrafted tea and tisane blends to help you build this important time into your life. 

Places to buy my teas

Morsel and Nosh- 4183 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, Oh 45223                                                                                               Fill More Waste Less- 4305 Whetzel Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45227                                                                                       The Collective-3710 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati OH 45226